Water Damage

All Water Losses are NOT Created Equal

With water claims specifically, what you say to your insurance carrier can, and will be used against you. This is because not all water damage has coverage under the terms of your policy, and other water damage may only have limited coverage. Having PAM representing you from Day 1 can be the difference between a covered claim, or a denial. When it comes to water claims, Call PAM First (even before calling your insurance company).

Water Mitigation

Why It’s So Important

With any water claim, the first concerns are extracting the water, removing the damaged materials, and drying the space out before mold/bacteria can grow. This is a duty under your policy, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you take steps to stop further damage. To make sure this is documented properly it’s imperative you have a quality water mitigation contractor. What they do, and how they document it will determine the rest of the claim. We take pride in partnering with only the best water mitigation companies that we know are working for you — not the insurance company.


How We Win


We prepare your claim presentation with sophisticated and detailed documentation using industry leading tools.


Whether local or remote, we need their adjuster to understand the scope of the loss. We show and explain what you are owed.


The only deal we will accept is one that allows our clients to be made fully whole, and we use every tool at our disposal to make this happen.

Water Claim FAQ

Unfortunately, the contractors recommended by the insurance carrier work for them, not you. They are paid directly, and therefore, only need to satisfy the carrier to get paid. It is PAM’s recommendation to allow us to bring in a mitigation company will properly document the loss, which sets the stage for the rest of the claim. You never will have to question the loyalties of a contractor we recommend.

Because they sound so similar it can be very confusing (even for the carrier’s rep) to understand the difference between a water back-up and a water fill-up and how it effects your claim. Water back-up:  This is when your storm and drain system is overwhelmed by the amount of water and “backs-up” into your home. This type of water loss has limited coverage, if any. Water fill-up:  This occurs when there is a blockage in the drain line, causing the water to fill-up into your home. This situation is covered by the full backing of the policy. To know for sure what situation you have, please call PAM first. 

Review Your Claim

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