Fire Damage

In The Event of a Fire

Having a fire at your home or business is a devastating and potentially traumatic experience. And in this comprised state-of-mind you are asked to make some of the biggest financial decisions of your life. This creates an opportunity for the insurance carrier to exploit. As your advocate, it’s our job to take control of the claim, tell the insurance company what they owe, and show them why. Then we fight like hell to make sure you get it!

We Manage All Facets of a Fire Claim


We represent YOU not the insurance company. Our job is to get you the maximum payout under your policy.


We manage every step of the property claims process from filing to payout, so you don’t have to.


PAM Adjusters have the building damage expertise, and the documentation process to best present your claim.


How We Win


We prepare your claim presentation with sophisticated and detailed documentation using industry leading tools.


Whether local or remote, we need their adjuster to understand the scope of the loss. We show and explain what you are owed.


The only deal we will accept is one that allows our clients to be made fully whole, and we use every tool at our disposal to make this happen.

Fire Claim FAQ

Yes. When you are going to be displaced from your home for an extended period of time, it is vitally important your entire family is as comfortable as possible and the condition of your temporary housing meets your standard of living. This is typically a service that we handle free of charge, depending on the circumstances. We’d appreciate the opportunity to confidentially discuss your situation to see where PAM may be able to assist.

Yes. We are one of the only firms that manage contents-only renter’s policy claims. Our contents team has an amazing system for documenting and processing your claim fast, while making you get every dollar you’re owed.

PAM does have relationships with many insurance restoration contractors. And, because they know we're good at our job, these contractors will come do the repairs for what was agreed upon in the settlement less our fee. No questions asked. That means PAM managed the claim at zero out-of-pocket cost to you, which is always our goal. But you are in no way obligated to use one of these contractors. In fact, most of our clients find their own. It’s our job to get you the money, how you choose to use it is your business.

Review Your Claim

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